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The Royal Visit: 1866

The Royal Visit

In 1886, Kapunda was graced with a Royal visit from the then Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Alfred,

Queen Victoria's second son.

 Whilst in South Australia on a Royal Tour, Prince Alfred made a visit to Kapunda on November 6th, coming to Kapunda via train direct from Adelaide Station.

Once the Prince arrived at Kapunda Train Station, which had been adorned with pine branches and fronds (as had much of the town, a simple decoration for simpler times), The Prince was whisked into an awaiting carriage.

The Prince's ornamental carriage made its way towards the centre of town, surrounded by soldiers, and a large crowd of cheering and adoring Royal fans, keen to get a glimpse of the Prince.

 Throughout the town, large Union Jack flags waved next to large banners with the words "Welcome to our Sailor Prince” written across them, also around the town were family crests and the flag of St George.

Prince Alfred was taken via carriage to Mr Crase's newly refurbished North Kapunda Hotel. After a tour of the hotel from top to bottom, the Prince retired briefly to a sitting room upstairs carefully prepared for his arrival.

 Not long after, a banquet held in his honour commenced in the rear ballroom (now demolished) of the hotel. Amongst the many dishes served was one dish usually reserved for the dining room of the Queen, and only served within the walls of the Palace. The Prince was very curious about this and asked for the cook to brought to him for questioning.
  The Prince questioned the cook on his preparation of the meal, asking how he knew the recipe. The cook informed the Prince, that he had indeed been the Queen's personal chef previous to arriving in Australia, and now cooked and served in The North Kapunda Hotel. Upon hearing of the Royal Tour, he had become excited, and prepared the specialty Royal meal in the Prince's honour, to make him feel a little more like he was at home.

 After a number of hearty speeches by town dignitaries, the Prince and Mr Crase himself, and three cheers of “Hoorruh”, Prince Alfred made his way back to the Kapunda Railway Station, where he boarded the Royal Train and made his way back to Adelaide continuing his tour of the country.

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