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John Henry Smyth-Blood

John Henry Smyth-Blood


Dr Mathew Blood was not the only famous Smyth-Blood to come from the town of Kapunda, his second son, John Henry Smyth-Blood also made his mark on the world.

John was born in “Croissard Cottage “, near Corofin, Springfield, County Clare, Ireland on the 10th of December 1840. He grew up in Kapunda and was educated in the local schools.

John got work as a member of the construction teams building the Overland Telegraph lines as a storekeeper in the 1870’s, later he worked as the Post Master and Telegraph Officer at Peake Station, before moving to Auburn where he established himself with the Freemason Lodge.
As a Freemason, he served as Grand Master and Secretary, and later as Treasurer.
Bloods Creek was named after John, Bloods Range.
“Bloods Range” is a large mountain formation stretching across the Northern Territory and Western Australian borders. It is crossed in its valleys by the Hull and Docker Rivers.  It was given its name by explorer Ernest Giles on the 14th of March 1874 when he first looked upon it from the top of Mount Curdie.
John was also mentioned in the writings of explorer, Baron Forest.

Mary Blood (nee Enock)
John married Mary Enock (1852-1929) and together they had five children: Matthew Henry (1876-1912), John Johnnie (1881-1950), William Frederick (1884-1913), Kathleen (1887-1948), and Margaret Marion (1890-1920).

 John died in Auburn at the age of 49 in 1890. He was buried in the Kapunda Cemetery on Clare Road.
His funeral was attended by a large crowd of people from Kapunda, Auburn and surrounding towns. His funeral cortege was led by fifty members of the Auburn and Kapunda Freemason Lodges, with full regalia. His hearse was also covered in Freemason regalia. Canon Whittington conducted Johns burial, with Mr F. Tothill, the Worshipful Master of the St John’s Lodge of Auburn reading the Masonic Service.

Researched and written by Allen Tiller © 2017

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