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Kapunda People: Charles Albert Hazel

Charles Albert Hazel

Charles Albert Tremaine as a teenager - year unknown.

Charles Albert Hazel born on the 9th of November 1887 at Hawkers Creek, Kapunda.

He married his second cousin. Violet Jane Hazel on the 3rd of February 1917 at the Pirie Street Methodist Church, Adelaide. Together had five children;

Mabel Dulcie  in 1917
Madge Lorraine in 1918
Elysa Edith Harriet in 1921
Florence Edna May in 1922
Ross Charles in 1923

L to R (Florence) Edna,  Elysa,  Albert,  Madge, and Ross Hazel (Mabel not in photo) at Port Parham
photo by Audrey Tiller circa 1931
Unfortunately, Violet passed away in 1924 leaving Albert to look after the children. At first, they lived in Port Parham, but at some point moved further south to St Kilda, where Albert took over the local shop near the beach. 

 Audrey Tiller (nee Tremaine), Alberts niece, went to stay with the small family for a number of months to help out with chores. In her letters (held by her Grandson, Allen Tiller), Audrey tells of sewing clothing for the children as well as cooking for them.
 Audrey was an avid photographer, and because of her photographic inclinations, we have the photos on this page to share with you.

Albert Hazels St Kilda Beach shop (year unknown)
Photo by Audrey Tiller

Allen Tiller is a great-grandson of a sister (Florence May Tremaine - nee Hazel) of Charles Albert Hazel

Albert died at Prospect on the 4th of Oct 1939. Albert is buried in the Kapunda General Cemetery.
The grave of Jane and Albert Hazel - Kapunda General Cemetery
Photo by Allen Tiller

Researched and written by Allen Tiller
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