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Kapunda's Hidden Secrets: Kapunda Museum

Kapunda's Hidden Secrets: Kapunda Museum

Located at 11 Hill Street, Kapunda,  The Kapunda Museum is recognised as one of the finest folk museums in Australia. The building was originally constructed as a Baptist Church in 1866.
The building Served as a Baptist Church until 1948 when services ended due to dwindling attendances, then became a technical school in 1949, up until the mid-1960s, when the building was sold to the local council, who then donated it to the Kapunda historical society. The former Church opened as a museum in 1971
 The museum contains a huge collection covering every facet of Kapunda's history and there is an extensive display of machinery, agricultural equipment, an old local Kapunda Ambulance, a Hearse and one of the finest collections of old record players, including wax cylinders.

The Museum also hosts a collection of items donated by the Tiller family, including Audrey Tillers entire bedroom suite, handmade clothing and a family, hand-stitched throw rug that is considered the oldest of its kind in Australia.
 In the Hawke Gallery, one can see foundry products from an era long gone, including a cross compound steam engine.

Bagots Fortune features an interactive display covering the Kapunda Copper Mines, which became the richest and purest copper ore deposit the world has seen...
 ...and if you do visit the Kapunda Museum, don’t forget to cross the road to the corner of Hill and Main Streets, to the visitor information centre and go downstairs to see another interactive display, or talk to the friendly staff about the many historical self-guided tours of the town...

Kapunda museum is open 7 days a week from 1pm to 4 pm and is located at 5 Hill Street

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