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Kapunda People: Henry Fairclough

Henry Fairclough

1911 'Advertising', Kapunda Herald 1 September, p. 3.

Mr Fairclough was born in Liverpool England in 1849. His family moved to Norwood, South Australia in 1850. As a youth, young Henry attended school at “Holdsworth School” in Norwood and also learned to be a caterer, later, he learned the trade of ironmongery as an apprentice of F. & S.Sach, who were located in Adelaide on the corner of Gawler Place and Rundle Street.

In the younger years of his adult life, he moved to New Zealand, and then later to the north coast of New South Wales.

Upon his return to South Australia he moved to Georgetown to work in the local hotel, and eventually fell in love, and married the sister of the publican. Soon he became a farmer near Moonta, but farming was dirty work with long hours, so he uprooted his family and moved to Kapunda.

Mr Fairclough had The North Kapunda hotel for 14 years and earned for himself a reputation for quality, unfailing courtesy and upholding the establishment to the strictest details of the licensing laws.

In 1903 Mrs Fairclough (nee Kewson) suffered a nasty injury when the cork in a bottle of aerated water she was trying to open, popped suddenly and hit her eye. The injury was so severe that she eventually lost her sight in her left eye.

In 1912 Mr Fairclough became very ill, and by November of that year, he had been confined to his bed as his sickness grew steadily worse. His liver was in failure, and his days, unfortunately, were numbered.

On Monday the 17th of November 1912, Henry Fairclough lost his battle with illness and passed away in the Kapunda hospital.

Researched and written by Allen Tiller © 2012


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