Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Class of 1949 - Kapunda high School

Class of 1949 - Kapunda High School

After my Father's recent passing, I have inherited a lot of Kapunda related items. This photo is a watermarked scan of one such item. I have very little information about it, other than it was my Dads 1949 Kapunda High School " first-year" class photo. and the following information:

Approximate age: 14

Back Row: Unknown? , James Fahlbusch, David Maddocks, Eric Roberts, Lionel Hampel, Lionel Tiller, 
2nd Row: Eric Stevens, unknown 1, unknown 2, unknown 3, unknown 4, unknown 5,  Anthony Sando
Front Row: all unknown

Teachers: Margaret Grierson (possibly Margaret Bettison?)
Principal: Frank Thomas

The list of female students names for 1949:
Lorna Becker
Naomi Bettison
Margaret Kokegei
Jeanette Walpole
Gwendoline Evans
Margaret Hampel
Jillian Hazel
Marion Hossack
Valmai Koop
Janice Mattschoss
Mavis Scholz
Betty Schmidt
Lorraine Stewart.

If anyone could kindly fill in the missing gaps, that would be most helpful!

Allen Tiller

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